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End of April/Beginning of May

April 30th, 2006 at 10:10 pm

April follow up:
*finished up redecorating plans
*had the First Communion celebration
*stocked up the freezer
*did a lot of honest soul searching and communication with DH (ongoing)
*made 50/30/20 budget

May goals:
*start walking 3x's a week
*list some things on ebay or half.com
*follow 50/30/20 budget
*no new debt
*look into new employment
*add SOMETHING to my $20 goal!
*work on a garden or at least a couple of tomato plants

A couple things I did different in April were to send in some rebates and do a cash pay survey (nothing received yet).

Will be receiving $500 bonus from one of the agents at work. Have earmarked this for replacing the front posts on the porch, they are rotten! Got two gc of $50 from Home Depot from Mypoints in case we need to pick up some tools or nails or something. See how cheap this ends up being!

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