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DH quit his job!!

April 4th, 2009 at 08:10 pm

The deed is done, the strings are cut. I wish he could have talked to the HR person before he left, but she was gone. He was right, they asked him to leave immediately and not work out his two week notice.

Now, he is a self-employed business owner. I sure feel like I have jumped off the diving board and I'm not sure if there is water in the pool or not!! Smile

On the upside, the new job is going to pay his health insurance. Did you hear that?????? We have been paying over $800 a month for health insurance. It will be around $1000 for COBRA. And the new company will pay it!! That extra $800 will go a long way toward paying off the debt!!

Now, here's the clincher..... Hang on to your seats..... I am thinking about QUITTING MY JOB TOO!!! How about that??!! I have a job offer that MAY come to fruition in Aug/Sept, until then, a friend of mine (more like a niece, and I helped raise her) has asked me to be a nanny to her kids for the summer (she is having a baby in Aug/Sept'ish and will then be home for 6 weeks). While it is more money, it is more hours too. BUT, since DH will be working from home for most of the week and the kids will be home for the summer soon, this would give me the opportunity to take care of my own kids as well. We could stay over at my girlfriends house during the day and they have a subdivision pool. Plus there is the zoo, parks, Magic House, Six Flags, etc.. The kids are 3 and 5, can talk and do things for themselves and NO diapers!!
And if the other job doesn't work out, my friend says I can stay on watching the baby and the middle one, as the oldest will be off to school.

So.... what do you all think??

11 Responses to “DH quit his job!!”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:


    I think you have made a leap of faith and that usually things happen for a reason. Go with gusto...

    Sounds like a fun summer ahead...and heck, the worse that will happen is that it doesnt work and you make another change. The best...well, when youre self employed, the sky's the limit, isnt it??

    I bet your head is SPINNING. Hugs to you and your family as you head off on this new journey!!!! WOW

  2. mjrube94 Says:

    I think it's great! My DH quit his job in January after being miserable for a long time. Starting up his own company was definitely a bit scary, but it was made a lot easier knowing that we still had my income and health insurance (which you also have). Keep your eye on the positives more than the negatives and you'll get through just fine. Good luck!

  3. mom-from-missouri Says:

    I saw go for it!

  4. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    + 1 !! :-)

  5. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Your husband is taking your emergency savings to start this new business, so if you quit your job now you have no back up. I'd be very nervous about that, especially in this economy where getting a new job quickly is anything but easy.

  6. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Oops, sorry, I just reread your previous post and see that the business startup money came from retirement savings. That is a little different, but as long as you do have sufficient back up in savings to carry you through the days without work should hubby's business be slow to turn a profit, then I guess you could take the risk to quit your own job.

  7. L Saver Says:

    Good luck!

  8. Ima saver Says:

    I wish you good luck too!! When we left Florida to move to the mountains, we had no jobs at all. It took a year, but things worked out for us! Take the chances when you are young!!

  9. jenifer4000 Says:

    I would do it! :-)

  10. frugaltexan75 Says:

    Wow Boo, that sounds like a good plan. I've actually been looking at nanny type positions myself - but so far the pay per hour is so little it really isn't worth it. I hope it works out for you, and it will be great for you to get to spend so much time with your kids!

  11. HouseHopeful Says:

    Good Luck with everything! Great news on the insurance!

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