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July 25th, 2007 at 10:08 pm

This is an actual picture of the one we picked!

My MIL has gifted us an over the stove microwave for our birthdays! She gave me her Lowes card and told me to go pick one out. All I wanted was a white one that had 1000 watts and a turntable. I ca'nt say Lowes had a tremendous selection! DD2 picked one out and that is the one we got. Not very expensive at all in fact it is almost as cheap as the installation!! I did splurge $20 and get an extended warranty. I can truly say this is an impulse purchase! I did no research what so ever! Anybody have any thoughts about a Tappan? Anyway, I have always wanted one of these, so thanks MIL!

1 Responses to “Microwave”

  1. Lynnae (Being Frugal) Says:

    What a nice birthday gift! I would love an over the stove microwave to save counter space, but we rent and it's not possible now. Someday.


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