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Guess What??

October 25th, 2010 at 07:41 pm

I DID NOT fall off the face of the earth!! How about that?!

Our financial situation has been so bad, I have been so baffled that I couldn't talk about it. Actually, I don't know HOW to talk about it. If I try to think about things for too long, I get too confused and I want to barf. Soooo... I have been "head down, making it day to day" for a long time. Because DH has not had a paying job since April, nor has he tried to get one, I have lived on the queasy stomach precipice, and hope to not fall off. No, I do not know his reasons, and no I am not going to leave him or divorce him, but no, I can't go through this alone. So I struggle. Maybe I can get it together and start to talk about it again, but failure hurts.

Anyhoo, been in touch with some SA friends on FB, and I sure do appreciate their friendship! Thrifty Ray is one of my BFF's even though we have never met! And I love keeping in touch with Keeping it Frugal, Mom from Missouri, Price Plus, Homebody and MJRube!! :-)

Hope everyone in SA land is doing well! I have been stalking and some of you are doing wonderful things!! Keep up the good work!