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How I Ho! Ho! Ho! on the cheap

November 2nd, 2007 at 01:32 am

I have made my list and checked it twice. I have 24 people on my Christmas list, plus various wonderful teachers. Out of those 24 people I have 9 completely done and a few of those were for free with gift cards from Mypoints! I have 4 more half bought for. All the teachers gifts were bought from JCPenney after Christmas last year. I give my neighbors chocolate chip bread every year and I already have the mixes bought. I feel like I am doing pretty well and hope to be done and wrapped by the end of Thanksgiving weekend. Ebay has been a big plus too, sell stuff, buy stuff! I have to list some more so I can buy some more!!

So to recap on how I saved money on Christmas gifts:
1) Prebuy at after Christmas sales.
2) Get freebies from Mypoints
3) Sell on ebay to buy off ebay
4) Make homemade gifts
5) Keep my list to immediate friends and family
6) Don't overbuy! It's the thought in the gift, not the amount of gifts!
7) Buy throughtout the year.
8) Try to wrap up (hahaha, pun!) the Christmas shopping before December, so you can enjoy the spirit of the holiday with the ones you love!

Hope you found this helpful!