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September 30th, 2009 at 03:48 am

DD1 turned 17 today! Wow! She can legally see rated R movies. She is very excited about this!

Back to work is going fine. Learning how to pump the car seat again. Those things are heavy! Mainly, feed the baby, change the baby, rock the baby, rinse, repeat! Stick Out Tongue

Can't wait for my first check this weekend, so I can go open my own savings account at the credit union!

Back to work tomorrow

September 28th, 2009 at 05:06 am

Well, tomorrow I go back to work. (The nanny job). Instead of focusing on how uptight the mom is, I have decided to focus on the kids. When I went to visit on Friday to get the run down on the routine from mom, the three year old ran up and hugged me so tight. She missed me so much! I can't wait to spend time with her again! And the baby was really good.

I am still working weekends at the real estate office too, so I guess I am working two jobs! Smile And in November, my friend is opening up his Christmas Store at the mall and I will be working there too!

Still have a few things left on my "to do" list that I did'nt get to. Will try to squeeze in finishing them up. Mostly getting the girls bathroom finished before our German exchange student gets here in two weeks. I took before picks, so I will post when I am all done! The pics of this bath are in my archives. How quickly the kids can tear up a bathroom, it was only two years ago!

I am eating M&Ms

September 26th, 2009 at 05:32 am

That's it. Just, I'm eating M&M's. I guess, to make it financial, I could say I splurged on some M&M's, but whatever. They are good. I love chocolate!

Garage sale update....

September 24th, 2009 at 05:12 am

Made about another $80 today. Have a few things that did'nt sell that I will put on Craigslist.
Have a cleaning job tomorrow. Will use that money for gas/groceries.
Have to go to the dentist too, have to get a tooth fixed. Not sure how much that will cost, but fillings before were never more than $35.
I am depressed it is back to work on Monday. Really dreading it. Must get back into the "happy to have a job" mindset. Just bummed out now....

Garage Sales

September 23rd, 2009 at 05:00 am

Because having the birthday parties was'nt enough Big Grin, DH and I had a garage sale last Saturday, made about $80. He really wants to sit outside with the leftovers tomorrow, so we will see what we get. I am sick and tired (literally, a head cold), so he may have to handle it by himself!

Made it through the birthdays!

September 22nd, 2009 at 12:13 am

September and the beginning of October are a landmine of birthdays here!
Managed to get away pretty easy. Bought DD3 a $15 phone card and a Reeses. She was thrilled. DD1 will be getting her own printer/scanner/copier I got on sale at Target for 28.88. Bought and stashed. DD2 wants Phantom tickets. This will be trickier. Expensive. Ugh. For Mom's bday, I bought 2 GC's for the price of one ($25) for a bbq place and took her to dinner. Ahhh, done for another year! Smile

DH FINALLY learns a little reality!!

September 21st, 2009 at 01:28 am

Well, you guys would be so proud!

To give anyone who doesn't know (and may care), a large part of our financial problem was that I was always in charge of finances and I am VERY bad at telling anyone in my family NO. I have been TRYING to hand over the bill paying to DH, even suggesting we pay them together, but it fell on deaf ears.

So last Monday I told DH that when he was paid the next day, I would NOT be paying the bills. I told him I would show him how, but I am stepping away from all finances pertaining to our joint account. I told him when my job starts again, I would give him half of each of my checks ($420 per week, so $210) and keep the other half, out of which I will pay for my gas, food for the family, the girls and my cell phone bill, and any other bills pertaining to the girls like doctor visits, clothes, school lunches, etc. I told him I would open a new account just for these at the credit union, so that when we go to buy a new car, we can get a good interest rate. He kicked and screamed about this saying that he would like to give HIMSELF $210 a week just to spend. Frown Ugh! I told him he was in charge of the other account and if he wants to "give himself that" then go right ahead, as long as the bills are paid. I will do heavy driving for my job when I go back, so LOTS of gas will be used!!

Anyway, I also have to squeeze other payments out of this that he is not aware of, like for paying back my mom, my daughter and our new washer!

His first foray into the payment world was ugly. He FINALLY got the idea that we are in TROUBLE!! And that we need a PLAN for this. Now, can he do it????

Been enjoying my layoff

September 4th, 2009 at 02:11 am

Boy, we are poorer than dirt, but I love being a SAHM again! Smile I believe that is my true calling in life! The weather has been gorgeous, DH is home during the day, so we get to spend more time together, and I have been getting TONS done around the house!

I have proposed to DH another payment plan that includes borrowing from the 401K and turning all the bills over to him. Still waiting for his answer.