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Craigslist job scams

January 30th, 2009 at 05:20 pm

I have been looking for a full time positon for a long time now. When we needed a new receptionist at work, we put an ad on Craigslist and it went great. But since I have been seeking employment, I have been amazed at the scams on Craigslist! One time apparently my resume went into a big pool for a temp agency. On this last one, they were seeking a position for a market research place. They sent me an email saying I had to follow a link to take an efficiency test. No problem. I clicked on the link and was directed to this:

Text is and Link is Gee, who wants a Wendy's gift card. Very aggervating. There was even a listing from a job seeker, begging REAL employers to list thier phone numbers, so we could call and check to see if it is a scam or not before we reply. I'm sure it won't happen, but it was worth a try!!

I LOVE SNOW !! (C'mon Priceplus!)

January 29th, 2009 at 12:20 am

The kids were off again. I guess I have grown up with the snow, so its "snow" big deal. Having a car that has front wheel drive helps and teenagers to shovel helps too! Here is what we got:

I HATE shopping!

January 24th, 2009 at 07:57 pm

Seriously! It must be a genetic flaw. I absolutely hate shopping! In ANY form. Thank goodness for online shopping. It is how I do most of my Christmas shopping now!

Case in point, I must feed a family of 5, two dogs, a cat, a hamster and a fish. This requires that nasty S word! I went to Super Walmart yesterday after work. (Everything in one place is AWESOME!!) I DO make a list and make sure it is the order that the store goes in, so that I don't have to spend ONE MORE SECOND in the joint than I need to! I get my super buggy and I am off like a shot. I need to meet up with DH in 45 minutes. I scramble through tossing in items and rounding corners on two wheels. Some things are there, some are not. Gosh dog, why do they carry every form of a product, EXCEPT the one I want!!??? I do the final victory lap and rush to the checkout. This is where Mr. Murphy holds my hand. It is garanteed, I will get the slowest line with non English speaking checker. As I sweat in my big coat after my strenuous workout I heft all my purchases and try to cram them on an "efficient" and WAY TO SMALL conveyor belt. As the lady in front of me chats on her cell phone and slowly empties her cart, pays in 15 different ways and generally makes sure that I am already 5 minutes late to meet DH, it is finally MY TURN! Guess what?? Time for that checker to take a break, so I wait as they change guard..... Great here we go! I frantically throw filled bags into the cart as she scans the items, of course, smashing the bread with the milk, etc... etc... I am now 15 minutes late to meet DH. I run the card through the machine and rush out the door, the toliet paper falls off the bottom of the cart and I ran over it in my haste, claiming me a shredded wad of white that I toss on top of the milk to the furthur demise of my bread, get to the van, toss everything in and rush to meet DH, now 25 minutes tardy. As I zoom down the highway, I gloomily reflect, I forgot to hand the checker all my ever so important coupons. Sigh. This my friends is why I HATE shopping!!!!

Edit: I meant my story more as an amusement, but I still really DO HATE shopping! I keep reminding myself how blessed I am as I shop for food, but I still HATE it! Smile DH was fine. He needed to pay for something and needed the CC that I had, I had plenty of time to get there. All was good. (But I still HATE shopping! Stick Out Tongue)

Roller coaster eye opener

January 19th, 2009 at 04:22 pm

Yes, I need to track my money better. I have been working on financial forms for my husband, so he can get everything together to start the business with my BIL. One year we made $120K, the next we took a bit hit and it was about $70. The next, back to $105, the next two around $85. This past year?? $45. Yikes. I wasn't sure how it would wash out, but no wonder we are scrambling. It was a bit perplexing that we really cut back this year, I just did'nt realize, it should have been WWWWAAAAAAYYYYYY back. My mentality is still too paycheck to paycheck. DH keeps swearing he is going to take over the bill payment. I hope this comes true soon!

Baby it's cold outside!

January 15th, 2009 at 04:35 am

The girls are hoping school will be called off tomorrow. Our school district calls it when it is -30 windchill. I don't think it will get much more than .... -20. Wink Lord, please send these kids to school!

Spending is in control!

January 8th, 2009 at 05:18 am

So far so good. I have been cooking every night. I really enjoy getting back into our old "boring" routine! Comforting! We have plenty of food and I have made a menu for the next two weeks.

PS Kids went back to school today! Yeah!

Mom came by and fixed my sewing machine. Boy do I have a pile of things to do!

When will these kids go back to school?? And a catch up!

January 7th, 2009 at 04:42 am

Gosh darnit! They were supposed to go back today, but mother nature intervened! She sent a lovely sheet of ice to keep those little varmits home again! I still had to go to work though, but they sent me home early. I am glad for the money, but what a pain, to get ready, get there and then get sent home.

Anyway, here is what has been happening in boo world lately for those uh, maybe 3 people that follow my blog! Smile....

I finished the part time job. If I ever try to work retail at Christmas again, push me off a roof! Ugh! Christmas was good, under control, most everything paid for in cash except for what hubby bought me and show tickets for the girls.

Still have not found a full time job... most days I am just thankful to HAVE a job. Now I just have to do my best to use this money wisely. Not my best quality.

Debt is up to around $66,000. Makes me want to throw up. Nuff said about this for now.

DH is going to quit his job and follow my brother in law to his new business. Another thing that makes me want to throw up. I am scared to death.

We had to bury a very good friend of 30 years two days after Christmas. Please, live life, laugh and love your family and your friends. Don't hold back on this! It has been heartbreaking and soul searching... again, nuff said.

DH is still letting me juggle the bills. Times are so tight, the kids are great at pitching in. We are still at an impasse. Until he starts the new job, I have no idea what kind of budget to make. I am just doing my best.

Well, long it is! But that was my holiday in a nutshell. I am looking forward to a successful 2009. I am 20 pounds down in weight and looking forward to dumping the last 15!! Smile