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I'm Alive! :-)

February 28th, 2010 at 06:19 pm

Mr. Roboto did his job. They were able to leave me with one ovary and that is all I need. Didn't have too many issues with the incisions yet, most problems I had were from hanging UPSIDE DOWN!! Yes indeed, when the robot operates on you, they put you on the table and then move it vertically so you are head down to the floor. This is supposed to help with bleeding, etc. In this case, what bleeding I did have moves into the rib cage and clots up and until the body absorbs it. What it did to me was make my muscle spasm in excruitatingly painful charley horses right in my right rib cage. Every time I would move a muscle on my right side, the spasm would start. I would have to say it was definately MORE painful than contractions! Wow! I scared the pee out of those poor nurses! I was rather vocal in my painful displeasure. Anyway, everything is better now! Smile Just working on regular recovery!

Getting Ready for Surgery!

February 25th, 2010 at 05:35 am

Won't have time to update! Too much to do! Smile Will catch up on Febs totals when I'm coherent again!
Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes!

(Forgot to tell you, they are going to use a ROBOT!! Wonder what he will charge! WinkReminds of a song from the 80's!)


February 21st, 2010 at 08:19 pm

Already slacking on my New Years resolution by not posting every day!! I will get back on it!

Not too much going on. Very busy getting everything ready so I can go have my surgery!

Will post Febs. totals on Wednesday since I will be out of action starting on Thursday.

Deals - 5.00 (donation)


Walmart - 26.86 - tolietries
Walmart - 34.22 - donations to GS event

ALDI - 44.45 - groceries
McD - 9.98 - dinner
Arbys - 7.76 - lunch
QT - 47.14 - gas


Taco Bell - 16.99 - dinner
Walgreens - 15.93 (daughters passport photo and some other misc junk)

Bread Co. - 15.47 - lunch with DD2

QT - 23.19 - gas
QT - 6.51 - lunch

Happy Valentines Day!!

February 15th, 2010 at 04:12 am

Hope everyone has a terrific day! We have lots of snow! Smile

2/14 - 34.00 Shop n Save meds
- 3.54 Shop n Save
- 35.00 Pizza for girls
- 15.00 Outback (We had a $25 GC too)

My oldest will drive me to drink!! ;-p

February 14th, 2010 at 03:42 am

Lets just say that now it is something that involved the police, but wasn't her fault. I need a shot of something!!! ;p

2/12 - 10.00 Valentines gift for hubby
2/13 - 5.00 Deals for GS project
- 20.89 Pizza Street

Surgery, cars and catch up

February 12th, 2010 at 08:36 pm

So a week or so ago, I posted that I was thinking. I was thinking about two things the doctor told me. 1) I have high blood pressure. I used to have very low blood pressure. Any way, he put me on meds and we will see what happens. 2) I am finally going to get my hysterectomy. I have needed/wanted this for some time. I have fybroid tumors. But I also have extensive adhesions from previous surgeries. Sooo, on Feb. 25th I will go in for the laporscopic (sp?) surgery and if he is unable to do it that way, he will have to open me up then and there. So I won't know until I wake up, which way it went. If you pray or are into sending good karma, all would be appreciated that day! Smile

Still moving very slowly on the car thing. Letting DD1 get a dose of being at the mercy of others for a while!

2/8 - NSD
2/9 - 136.42 Shop n Save
- 48.20 Dollar General
- 18.03 McD
2/10 - 52.93 Gas
2/11 - 54.52 Shop n Save
2/12 - 7.76 Arbys
- 2.77 Taco Bell

My daughter totalled her car today

February 10th, 2010 at 04:11 am

Yes, she and her friend are okay, I on the other hand, need a stiff drink!

She slid on the icy/snowy roads and slid under a Ford F150 with her Toyota Camry. She did everything right, and because I was off today, I was able to get there within minutes. She only has a bruise on her leg where it hit the dash.

We are now on the path to find a replacement car. She is a really good girl, very responsible with good grades and holds a good job, I just think that lesson of "I know everything and I am invincible" is a painful one to learn. We were already looking for my 15 year old, so now we will need to come up with TWO cars. DD1, who had the accident is going to have to pay for something from her going to Germany savings.

Keeping it all in perspective that she is okay and I would ask for nothing more.

Have a fun Superbowl Sunday!

February 7th, 2010 at 08:14 pm

Hope everyone has a relaxing fun day whether you are celebrating the Superbowl or not! I decided to take pulled chicken and chicken wing dip. If my vegetarian daughter comes, I will bring rotel dip too. Can't wait to chow down!

Our hotel room only ended up costing $44.61. It was a gorgeous suite and we had an awesome view of the snowstorm! We did'nt really need to go, but it was nice to "get away" and have the whole bed to ourselves minus the pets!! Smile

2/5 - Dierbergs - 11.60
- Arbys - 7.76

2/6 - Gaffneys - 37.61 - DD3 soccer stuff
- Jimmy Johns - 18.68
- Dierbergs - 31.21

2/7 - will be a NSD!!

Ebay and NSD's

February 5th, 2010 at 03:28 am

I made a little over $40 dollars in ebay sales and had my second NSD in a row!

2/4 - NSD!

Off to a spendy start

February 4th, 2010 at 05:09 am

So I have slacked off the last couple days due to the anniversary! Smile

Now for accountability!

Walgreens - 3.21 + 20 back for goddaughters bday card and cash to go in it.
Mobil - 53.31 - Gas
Mobil - 11.17 - candy for DH for anniversary
Arbys - 15.24 - lunch after orthodontist

Walgreens - 9.66 - balloon for DH
Shop n Save - 4.09 + $20 back for casino
Tonys on Main - 60.00 dinner out with DH for anniversary. He put it on his business card, so it did not come out of our account.

2/3 NSD
(I did take daughter to the doctor, but I am not counting in these expenses)

Our 20th Anniversary!! :-)

February 2nd, 2010 at 03:59 pm

On this day, 20 years ago, I married my very best friend! I am so lucky!