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A lot less hairy!

April 30th, 2009 at 01:54 pm

I like how frugal getting your hair cut can be. I had about 8 inches chopped off and it is so freeing!! I used a coupon making this a frugal endeavor. Now I use less shampoo and conditioner, less time combing out tangles and just the general cut loose feeling a nice summer cut can give.

Even more frugal, DD3 had over 10 INCHES chopped off her head to donate to Locks of Love. And since it was for donating, the cut was free and all it cost us was a tip!

I paid something off!!! Aren't you Proud!!

April 29th, 2009 at 03:52 pm

Okay, we are making progress. It is amazing how a little more money can help your budget! It is nice to go from "less than nothing" to "almost less than nothing"!

I paid off my daughters class ring!! It was not much, around $350 (for the cheaper one!!), but I made the last $100 payment last night! Smile Baby steps.

Next in my sights is to pay off the brakes on the van. Around $400 (90 days same as cash).

Here we go....

How does your garden grow??

April 28th, 2009 at 01:45 pm

I hope better than mine!!

DD3 and I excitedly planted our seeds and watch them grow into healthy little seedlings. But the weather would'nt cooperate and the seedlings grew, bigger and scrawnier each day. Freeze after freeze, we had to keep then in the house. So when dh transferred them, well.... lets just say, we won't have a bumper crop!

So more seedlings are growing away busily and hopefully we can transplant them very quickly! I am really looking forward to fresh veggies from the garden, and a fat jack o lantern to carve in the fall!

Survived the first week at the new job

April 27th, 2009 at 02:02 am

It was a long week! It has been 10 years since my kids were little and I feel everyone of those ten years!! The first part of the week was spent playing "Who is the boss". The last two days just fell apart. I am hoping for a new week! We need to get into our groove! The girls (3,5) are adorable, stubborn, and just like all kids their age! But I am exhausted! And boy have I been crabby to my own family. I hope to get it together much better this week.

The first paycheck was nice! I have paid some bills, more to go. DH will be getting his first paycheck from the new job this week. We will see how much he gets, I have absolutely no idea, just that it will be more than he had been bringing home! Still feeling very buried under debt. Hope the light at the end of the tunnel is coming!!

Successful weekend

April 13th, 2009 at 05:23 am

Friday night was enjoyed with friends playing bunko!
Saturday, in my spare time (har, har, har) I threw together a garage sale. We made $168. We put $100 toward Six Flags season tickets and had a nice dinner out with the rest. DH wants to do it again on Wednesday, so I am looking for more stuff to sell.
This is my last week at Remax after 6 years. I am feeling okay about it, not melancholy or anything. We are so busy, no time to dwell.
Had a nice Easter with church and family time. Dinner at moms, yum! Tried my cake decorating skills. Won a "baking basket" and DD3's school carnival and it had lots of neat baking stuff. One was reusable cupcake liners, cake mix and a cake decorator bag. Here was my dessert offering:

I Quit My Job Too! :-)

April 9th, 2009 at 05:51 am

Yes, I took the nanny job and now I am working out my two weeks notice. I am cautiously optimistic about the way things are moving. If I hate it by the end of the summer, I will move on and find another job.
More money! Smile Will keep you posted on the transition!

DH quit his job!!

April 5th, 2009 at 03:10 am

The deed is done, the strings are cut. I wish he could have talked to the HR person before he left, but she was gone. He was right, they asked him to leave immediately and not work out his two week notice.

Now, he is a self-employed business owner. I sure feel like I have jumped off the diving board and I'm not sure if there is water in the pool or not!! Smile

On the upside, the new job is going to pay his health insurance. Did you hear that?????? We have been paying over $800 a month for health insurance. It will be around $1000 for COBRA. And the new company will pay it!! That extra $800 will go a long way toward paying off the debt!!

Now, here's the clincher..... Hang on to your seats..... I am thinking about QUITTING MY JOB TOO!!! How about that??!! I have a job offer that MAY come to fruition in Aug/Sept, until then, a friend of mine (more like a niece, and I helped raise her) has asked me to be a nanny to her kids for the summer (she is having a baby in Aug/Sept'ish and will then be home for 6 weeks). While it is more money, it is more hours too. BUT, since DH will be working from home for most of the week and the kids will be home for the summer soon, this would give me the opportunity to take care of my own kids as well. We could stay over at my girlfriends house during the day and they have a subdivision pool. Plus there is the zoo, parks, Magic House, Six Flags, etc.. The kids are 3 and 5, can talk and do things for themselves and NO diapers!!
And if the other job doesn't work out, my friend says I can stay on watching the baby and the middle one, as the oldest will be off to school.

So.... what do you all think??

DH has an interesting idea

April 2nd, 2009 at 10:11 pm

Along the lines of miscommunication with spouses, here is the latest from my DH...

You all know we pulled out $400 to use as our groceries/med/gas fund. So far so good, still well funded!

Here's the kicker. DH is quitting his job tomorrow and starting a new company with my brother in law. He will start that job on Monday. We have to come up with the money to put into the new business. Now, was there discussion about where to get the money from, YES, was there a mutual decision made, NO. HE decided to pull our Roths and some out of our retirement account (which he definitely thinks of as HIS accounts). Okay, fine. The he SUGGESTS that we pull an additional $5000 from the retirement and pay it toward our high interest AMEx. Wha??? We are in debt due in part to him holding out money we needed for bills. Now he wants to pay something?? I'm not saying no, or really anything for that matter, but where the heck was he on this 3 years ago when our income tanked and our debt rocketed?