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DD1 off to Germany!

June 28th, 2010 at 06:21 pm

We put DD1 on a plane Saturday bound for Atlanta then to Germany. I am very excited for her! This trip is an exchange student program. We hosted Kathrin in October and her family will now host DD1. The cost is a plane ticket, a passport and spending money. Not too shabby! We were well under our weight limit for her suitcase. We came in at 43.8 on a 50lb limit. I was very impressed as her luggage included gifts for the host family. So all in all, this is a frugal experience for my daughter! Her Papa paid for her plane ticket and various family members "slipped" her a few dollars. She also saved most of her paychecks and now has over $1000 available if she needs it. She laughed and said she would never spend that much money. And it is true! She is a true cheapskate and I couldn't be prouder when I say that! Smile I can't wait to hear all of her stories and see all of her pictures! So far she has gone to a World Cup party. Germany won! She said people were screaming and throwing beer on each other! Haha! There are no smoking restrictions there, so she is having trouble with her allergies. She also said everyone drives crazy. Sounds like so far it has been a blast. Today she goes to school with her host. They have the same climate there as we do here and they do NOT have air conditioning in schools! Yikes!
Sorry, I'm rambling. Not too much about finance, just a little! Will post other things like financial goals later.

Facebook for fun (free) entertainment

June 21st, 2010 at 02:17 pm

I will admit, I joined Facebook and am really enjoying it! Initially it was to hook up with people from high school before our reunion last year, but it is so much more! I have reconnected with "far away" family, some wonderful old friends and some super SA friends!

The best part, besides the updates and pictures, is the FREE games you can play. Not just the time consuming ones (I try to stay away from most of those! I don't need a Farm or a Fish tank! Smile)But fun ones like Family Feud, Scrabble and even Uno! And it is all free and I can play them with my kids online at the same time with some of them! Nice for connecting with them when I have downtime at work! They have lots of fun word puzzle game too.

Going to talk to DH about him getting a second job. (AGAIN!) Wish me luck!

Financial Catch up

June 18th, 2010 at 04:34 am

So I eluded in my last entry about a financial mess, so here it is:

The DH went into business with the BIL a little over a year ago. In Nov BIL and SIL decided to divorce. Things still okay with the business, but BIL started to get a little squirrely. In May SIL and her 12 CATS moved in with us while she builds herself a new home to move into. That is all well. DD3 had to give up her room and the cats are very well behaved and live in the basement. But I digress....

In May BIL tells DH the company is out of money and he has no money to pay him or pay for our health insurance. DH was expecting a commission shortly, so he pulled the money from the savings. Commission comes in, we get half. Now what? BIL is the manager of the business. DH does his job and has never asked BIL for the books or accounts of spending. SIL thinks BIL is hiding money and trying to make the business look non profitable because of the divorce. DH still won't confront BIL about the books or a business buyout. So we just keep living off savings.

I can't begin to tell you how frustrated I am. I approach DH logically, I approach him yelling and screaming and still nothing. He will not go out and get a PT job (he works from home for about 4 hours a day)nor confront BIL and do SOMETHING about this. Do I threaten divorce? This puts our home and whole family in jeopardy. I am gone 10 hours a day and work another job most weekends. Savings are dwindling. DH buries his head in the sand.

And yes, perhaps irresponsibly, but we did take SIL's "rent" for May/June and took the kids on a short vacation. I needed it!!

Where have I been??

June 16th, 2010 at 01:59 am

Well, I haven't been living life in luxury in my glorious yacht crusin' the Caribbean! Although that would be nice!!!! Smile

I have been recuperating from that crazy surgery! It seems everyone I personally know, except one, has had some sort of complication from surgeries this year! Long and the short of mine (guys cover your ears!) is that they left one ovary, but it does not want to cooperate, so they put me on the pill, which has given me high blood pressure. Sooo, I have to decide whether to:
1) stop taking the pill and live with the pain
2) take the pill and the high blood pressure meds till I get a little older
3) have them yank the other ovary and possible take replacement therapy.
All I have to say about that is BLAH.

Our finances have taken a HORRIBLE turn as well, but I will save that for another day!

How have you all been??? Smile