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Yesssss,,, a no spender!! And a job update!

January 8th, 2008 at 08:13 pm

Amazing what having no money and no access to money can do! I did'nt spend a thing today!

I called the high school and they told me they already hired someone for the secretarial position. Bummer, it would have been a good fit. I don't think they were very professional about it either. Most of the time they send you a letter saying "thanks for the resume or interest" or whatever, nothing. I asked her if they keep the resume on file. She said no, I could send one to the main school district office. So I guess my time and effort went into the trash - ugh!

Have listed a couple of things on ebay hoping to make some money.

On a really happy note - NO NEW DEBT!
Woo hoo!

6 Responses to “Yesssss,,, a no spender!! And a job update!”

  1. Amber Says:

    Sorry to hear about the job, but something better will come along. Good for you on not spending a thing today or incurring any new debt Big Grin

  2. Lynnae @ beingfrugal.net Says:

    Congrats on the no spend day and the no new debt!

    And it's really aggravating when potential employers don't notify you when you don't get the job. My husband has had that happen a couple of times too. Drives us crazy!

  3. Thrifty Ray Says:

    Shame on that school for handling your application that way. I have never understood that. Good job on the no spender...enough of those and you wont need that ol job anyway, huh??

  4. Thrifty Ray Says:

    ps...thanks for your constant support. It means alot to me.

  5. luxliving Says:

    Not debting?? PRICELESS!

  6. DebbieL Says:

    It must be different where you live than where I live. I've sent out hundreds of resumes applying for jobs over the years. I've gotten some of the jobs (of course), but most I didn't. I've received ONE letter informing me that I didn't have the job. It is not customary here to reply to everyone that puts in a resume. I think if your resume got you in the door for an interview then the company will often inform you that they selected someone else, but most don't bother if you haven't had an interview (in my experience). Good luck finding the right job!

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