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Plugging along.....

April 8th, 2008 at 09:09 pm

I have'nt posted much, because I am in auto mode. Paycheck comes, is divvied out and we wait for another pay day. Ugh. Soooo sllllooooowwwww. Feel like I will be in debt for ever.

Had my own garage sale. Pretty good. Was so sick, DD1 did majority of work on it. Made about $120, gave DD1 $40 cut for her hard work. Still have tons of stuff to put out. May set up again if subdivision has a sale. Gave my neighbor TONS of clothes. She brought down her wagon and we loaded it up so high she had to have her daughter hold onto it to get it home!

Thinking about starting my own website to see if I can bring in extra money. Doing a little research into it and asking some other online friends how they do it. Can't think of anything catchy to call it. Would like to stick with Boomeyers in the name, but what would go well with that?? Thoughts??

2 Responses to “Plugging along.....”

  1. JanH Says:

    Hope you feel better really soon! And I hear ya about the debt. It is such a slow process......And it didn't take that long to get into it. Rats. Keep plugging at it. We're in this together....

  2. Barb @ A Chelsea Morning Says:

    I can't help you with the name - I had enough trouble making a final decision on my own - but I'll tell you this. Go for it. Sooner or later my shop is finally going to open. The burp cloth rush last week almost did me in, but I'm working away again.

    I'm sick to death of living payday to payday. So it sure can't hurt to try, right?

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