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Still a Financial Mess

August 10th, 2009 at 07:58 pm

I think the day I finally get out of this, we will all sing "Glory Hallelujah"!!
Basically, the last year or so I have just been juggling, but when I came clean with DH I stopped robbing Peter to pay Paul (for the most part), so now we are really living in the doodoo! Still trying to work out with DH exactly what "our" plan is. Most of the time he is still yelling and accusing, so it is taking time. My job will be on a six week hiatus when my friend has her baby, so am trying to make plans for that time as well. DH wants me to take a new job and put in my two weeks notice after 4 weeks, but I can't do this for 2 reasons: 1)ethically speaking, it is wrong 2)it is nearly impossible to find a job still! Stick Out Tongue We'll see what happens. I am still going to apply for subbing and try middle school in hopes of getting a better chance. So many out of work teachers are subbing right now, not sure what will happen.

1 Responses to “Still a Financial Mess”

  1. dtjunkie Says:

    I think as long as you are pro active with your Financial responsibilities you are still on the right track....That's what I tell myself anyways. Smile

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