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Home with a sicko!

March 7th, 2006 at 08:34 am

Home with DD2. Stomach flu, yuck! Will miss time at my 2nd pt job. I am so lucky I have such flexibilty at both my pt jobs. So I can be here for my family, the most important thing. That is why I have to get off the McD wagon and get to financial security!
Will spend the day cleaning (and disinfecting!) and going thru the fridge and pantry. Then I can make my grocery list. One of the local stores had $10 off a $50 purchase on Thursdays. And the other local stores honor it. So I can see who has the best deals (with coupons) and go there. I think I will balance the checkbook too. Getting paid from one pt job today or tomorrow. Will use this check to pay ahead on 2 CC's and put some in both saving accounts. Hope my plan works! Had to spend $300 to keep our little dog alive this past weekend. Did'nt plan for that, but did'nt have to put it on a CC either!
:-) And yes, she is doing better!
Better stop rambling and get moving! Will try for a no spend day today! All my errands tonight SHOULD cost nothing!

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