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The Fridge is Sick :-(

August 21st, 2006 at 08:19 pm

Our fridge has been slowly losing its cool for the last two days. I put in a service call, but I also checked all the normal stuff, vents, etc and cleaned the coils. Cross your fingers. The thing is only 2 years old and no I did not buy the extended warranty!
Did good on my grocery shopping last week. Got 78.00 worth of groceries for $45! Then stocked up on meat at another store for about $38. Not bad for under $100 bucks!
I have my eye on a new digital camera. There is no way we can afford it! So I am thinking about selling DD1's outgrown, disgustingly expensive (Papa bought them!)Riddell figure skates. That would help alot! Then we have credits in Paypal from selling stuff and NOT buying anything (go figure). Will see if I can make this work and keep you posted!
8/20 Walgreens 13.61
McD 2.32 coffee and bottled water for work
Michaels 1.81 (26.81-25.00 GC)

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