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Pay Day - Spend Day

August 23rd, 2006 at 09:27 pm

Went on a little fun jaunt today. Headed out for a day with a friend from work. Lunch, and Super Walmart. She had never been, so it was fun to explore with her. We kept each other in check as far as our spending. One expense we did add on was getting a gift for a coworker that is expecting. Oh, and getting ice cream at Cold Stone - yum!
Did splurge on dinner. A large pizza for the girls. I had a headache and just felt icky. I let myself say, hey, it's payday, just let them have a treat. I've been really strict about no fast food lately. Oh well, I will forgive myself this time! :-)
Lunch 20.00
Walmart 58.38
Cold Stone Ice Cream 4.70
Baby gift 11.00
Dominos 20.00
(Getting itchy to add up my totals! I know it will be bad.... but a learning experience and a challenge for next month!)

1 Responses to “Pay Day - Spend Day”

  1. Thrifty Ray Says:

    I hope your headache and icky feeling is gone today!!

    I remember well the fun lunches I used to enjoy with co-workers. We would eat then go shopping! just like you did!! I enjoyed the 'girl' time...but the money seemed to flow all too easily. Glad to hear you have a buddy who will help keep things in check and vis-versa.

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