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On the crazy remodel kick!

February 10th, 2007 at 10:13 pm

So I have been trying to remodel on the cheap or nothing! We need the extra living space in the basement (figures we finished the basement in the old house - then moved!). We can't afford to have it professionally done or even to start buying 2 x 4's and framing. It is set up with a tv and a rug and a couch and love seat right now, but with only a few bulbs and ONE outlet down there, we don't have much light, so the girls don't like to go down in the dark. So the big plan is: we bought a light bulb addition thing that adds an outlet to the bulb unit and then bought a track light that plugs into it and hung it from the ceiling. With three adjustable bulbs, it sure adds light. I then went to home depot and bought a huge contractor tub of paint for $35. I have been painting those concrete walls with it. It has brightened it up, but wow! Those rough walls are hard to paint! I had a sprayer from the inlaws, but it was missing parts. My favorite part was I bought a huge carpet remnant on clearance from Home Depot. It is a nice beige to keep the floor light and bright in the "family room" section. It was 50% off for a 12' x 7'10" section for 32.00! Hopefully that will make it more warm and snuggly down there. Once we put on a second coat of paint we can put it all together. Hopefully we can get it done by Monday as a snow storm is expected and then we will have extra room to spread around the house. I told DH that he should build the girls a little stage with their karaoke machine and microphone and we could shoot one of the lights from the track lights onto the stage! :-) So hopefully we will have a nice little family room for under $100. There is a play area too, but I am not so worried about that as they are so messy with their toys!
The other remodeling I have planned is the upstairs bathroom (Rainbow Fish is what it will be!) Also our master bedroom has seen better days! Too many dogs/cats/kids on the comforter! They had a sale in one catalog where you could get a full bed set, plus shams and curtains for 99.99! I scooped it up, but is back ordered until April. That is fine so I can get the other projects done!
Sorry so long!

3 Responses to “On the crazy remodel kick!”

  1. living_in_oz Says:

    DH and I are trying to come up with some low cost remodeling ideas too. Unfortuntely, the things we need to fix are costly. #1 most important thing that we need to have done is a new bathroom put into our bedroom. Our home only has one bathroom and with 5 of us(including 2 teenagers) only using the one bathroom it's just a nightmare! We can't hardly make it through the day without a major battle. Of course, today we had a huge fight between DS and DD before we left for church. What a way to start out a Sunday morning!(Rolling my eyes) Anyway, good for you guys on your project! It motivates me to see what we can get done!

  2. Money changes everything Says:

    Reusing what you can helps, paint helps change things completely, construction savage yards are another help too.

    You will be amazed at what you can save just by reusing, revamping, and buying used or savaged.. if you know any builders, ask them if they know where a good deal to be found is.. or if they know of any laborers that may need extra cash working on the side to help you out and them..

    This is fun to do, and sometimes just NEEDS to be done as well. Good luck and enjoy your way to transitions in your homes.

  3. LuxLiving Says:

    Boomeyers - I've done exactly what you are doing....it took me forever to paint all those rough concrete walls in our cave (I mean, basement!) I painted the floors as well and then sealed them and then put down a big giant carpet remnant. The boys often bach' down there.

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