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How does your garden grow/ Part II !

May 22nd, 2007 at 11:06 am

Okay! I have pics of the garden. As I said before, we had a great seasoned garden at our old house, but well...we had to leave it there! Smile
DH and I butted heads on this garden. Since he did most of the work while I was at work on weekends, he got his way. Hopefully we will yeid some kind of crop. We put in lots of different tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and watermelon. We would still like to add in some green beans.

Some posts and chicken wire, does a garden be! We added lots of rabbit poop and some Miracle Grow.

A little tomato plant!

Hope this garden produces!

3 Responses to “How does your garden grow/ Part II !”

  1. homebody Says:

    I hope it produces too. DH's new herb garden in a wine barrell is doing well.

  2. contrary1 Says:

    Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could bring our gardens with us when we move?? I'm working in the again.......new to me garden, wishing for things like I had them at the old garden!!!

  3. freeme journey Says:

    Well done - looking good. Now all you need to do is to meditate over them lil plants Smile Smile

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