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August 27th, 2007 at 04:36 am

Been really concentrating on family lately. Have really tried cutting most expenses and have made dinner at home most nights. Made the dinner list on a calender, so that has been helpful.

We are still spending more than we are bringing in, despite my efforts. Either from necessity, or lack of discipline, mainly both. So concentrating on just making sure everything gets paid.

Just been concentrating on staying at home and making the house a "home". Like having the kids back to school, but soon enough DD3 will have cycle break (year round school) and she will be home for three weeks. Makes getting a different part time job a little harder.

Speaking of jobs, I applied for a different one at the library, but now have learned the last lady was'nt even in there two weeks before she quit it. Hmmmm....

Check in again later! I am always lurking! Smile

2 Responses to “Updates”

  1. fern Says:

    A library job would be divine! I'd love it.

  2. littlegopher Says:

    Wow, I can see how that school schedule would make for a difficult time in scheduling work.

    I've been lucky to work in various school positions (non-teaching) the last few years that are on the same school schedule as my youngest, with family-friendly flexibility, which I've used for both my girls on sick days or classroom event days and for my mom too. For us, it's been a great 'compromise' in the transistion of going back to work after 11 years of being at home with my girls, though I don't know if all school districts are the same. Plus the logistics of different schedules for each of your girls...

    Also - I'll put in a good word for the library. Before kids, I worked many years in our county system, and loved it.

    Best wishes in whatever you decide to do! Back to school is always a tense money time (this I know - school here starts Tuesday!) and it'll calm down eventually. Right??! Good luck!

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