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Another meat sale to the rescue!!

September 15th, 2007 at 10:40 pm

DH was getting a bonus on this check. We were using it to pay for the taxes on his new car. With some of it, I stocked up at the meat sale at my favorite local grocery store. They also had good sales I combined with good coupons, plus a coupon for 5 dollars off meat as a competitive coupon savings. I spent about $300 (unheard of for me!!!), but "saved" about $75 to $77 and loaded up on meat and school lunch stuff that will last a month in a half to two months if I stretch it out. Woo hoo.

Still have heard nothing about the library job.

Cashed in $20 from the NFO surveys.

Trying to make it through our birthday "month" (all the kids have birthdays at the same time!!) without breaking the bank. Had DD3's party at the mall today. We did a little scavenger hunt. Loved it cause I did'nt have to clean my house! Good time had by all! Tomorrow we will got to church and take her to her favorite resturant for lunch.

1 Responses to “Another meat sale to the rescue!!”

  1. littlegopher Says:

    Your b-day party sounded fun! I can relate to your 'month' - we have a 'season' due to three of my girls with b-days within a six-week period. (My one girl with the b-day 'off season' gets a much better thought out and funded party, but, shh, that's a hughly guarded secret.)

    I hope you hear soon about the job. Best wishes!!

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