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August 6th, 2008 at 06:03 pm

Have'nt had a big financial breakthroughs lately. I am looking forward to digging up more stuff to list on ebay! I used my last ebay money to buy the stuff for DD1's room redo. Ugh! So now I want to sell some stuff to hammer out another CC! My goal is to pay off the next CC by the end of August and maybe the personal loan too! I want these suckers chipped away!

DH and I are going at about the same pace. I am paying the bills, he is relatively clueless about our money, but he has given me some of his bonus money to help things along!

Kids are going back to school and back to activities, so that is an extra financial pain in the butt!

Don't forget to run by Thrifty Rays blog and tell her congrats on the new grandbaby!! Smile

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  1. momcents Says:

    Yes, I can empathize about the $$ is costs to fund the activities of the kids. I was overjoyed to find a low-cost preschool option for the 3 yo (didn't even factor him into the cost equation - poor thing - he is still cheap > storytime at the library and park with his playgroup).

    Good luck with things with DH - I am realizing that here at my house I am the one trying to figure out how to fund everything without adding any new debt. I am trying to get DH to look at the proverbial pie and have him help me divy it up. It is easier for him to work two jobs and hand over the cash. And the secret is ... in his real life he is a financial analyst!

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