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Update to "Everything is Breaking"!

August 25th, 2008 at 05:08 am

Welllll.. lets see.
I got my tooth fixed, only had to pay a $5 co pay! Was told this will be the last time it can be done, so I will have to make it worth it! Big Grin
We got the van fixed (Finally, after 2 weeks!) It is sitting on a 90 days same as cash, but I told DH, we won't have that money in 90 days either, so he better cough it up out of his "savings account"!!! It was another $856! So $1656 out so far this year. They wanted $1049, but DH was able to get them to match another garages quote. I was really proud of his negotiating skill! He played hardball. Hopefully it will run like a good little van for a while now.
The wash machine broke - again - I actually buy the extended warranty on this Maytag lemon because this will be the 23rd, (Yes, I said 23!!) repair on this thing!!! No, there is no such thing as a lemon law when it comes to this stupid washer.
The ice maker stopped making ice. We are using trays. I have some stuff on ebay I am selling and then we will use it to buy a new filter and see if that works first. Buying it on ebay is cheaper than buying it from the dealer, I checked!
The light wash cycle stopped working on the lovely Maytag dishwasher. Definately not a big deal, just handy for loads that are not very dirty, uses less time and water, but oh well, regular wash is still working fine (knock on wood)!
Hopefully that will be all for now. Right now I am working on having the cheapest birthday parties!
Today was a no spender. I went to a bridal shower that served us dinner! I got to eat out for FREE! (Sans gift!) Good time, good food!

2 Responses to “Update to "Everything is Breaking"!”

  1. mom-sense Says:

    Sorry to hear about the broken things at your house. Sounds like mine is joining yours - my dryer broke on Friday. I am now carting my wet laundry over to my mom's to dry (it is a work out in itself because of the carrying and stairs involved). DH asked how long will I be willing to do this. Until his second job pays up - will be a lot, but not for at least 10 days.
    We can compare notes on cheap parties! I am having one on 9/27.
    Did DH willingly cough up $ from his savings?

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