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Why are people so gullible??

May 1st, 2009 at 03:18 pm

I recently was watching an infommercial on the "In-Styler" hair tool. It allows you to straighten your hair, while curling your hair? Anyway, I thought it looked neat and with three girls, we do experiment occasionally with different hair "gadgets". The price was reasonable, $14.99 + shipping, but I am too cheap to really get it. But then I thought about my PayPal account which has some money just sitting in it. Perhaps I could find this cheaper on ebay? So off to ebay I went. Here is where the gullible part comes in, these things were going on ebay for $60+ dollars!!! Holy cow people! Go to In and get it for $14.99!! Geeze! So now I am thinking, the infommercial offers 2 for $14.99. Perhaps I will purchase this and sell the other one on ebay and make my money back, plus some. I am just amazed that people do not research before they buy!

4 Responses to “Why are people so gullible??”

  1. Dolores Says:

    It looks like people have gotten way too into the old idea that you can always get it cheaper on eBay. A few months back my son-in-law had a cell phone that he had purchased at the T-Mobile store and, after using it for a few weeks,decided he didn't like it. So he bought another phone and put the 1st one on eBay. He actually ended up getting twenty some dollars more for the phone than he had paid for it! Of course, he was pleasantly surprised, but you really have to wonder about those people who didn't go to T-Mobile's website to make sure they were getting a good deal before bidding on it.

  2. simpleyme Says:

    okay for a minute I thought you were saying the instyler was stupid;-)
    I was going to say uho I really want one ,my daughter and I watched the infomercial with awe
    but we will not get one no room for anymore things in the bathroom drawer
    I do not care to use ebay anymore I wanted a clarinet case and 50 dollars was the cheapest beginning bid,i found a store on line that sold NEW cases and paid 34 dollars including shipping!

  3. Joan.of.the.Arch Says:

    Be careful on the website deal. The e-Bay deal is better even at $60. The website deal is "LIMITED TIME OFFER! $14.99 Trial Offer is for two (2) InStylers® for 30 days. After 30 days, do nothing and keep BOTH InStylers® for just three monthly payments of $39.99. The second InStyler® is FREE!! (plus S&P)" That adds up to $134.96 for two, without even the shipping and handling. I guess you have to fill out an order to find out how much S&H is.

  4. nance Says:

    Always go to forums about the infomercial items. Just Google the name of the item, and read comments from people who purchased the item. It is very eye-opening!
    Many say that the items are often scams that cost a lot more than they lead you to believe.

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