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My oldest will drive me to drink!! ;-p

February 13th, 2010 at 07:42 pm

Lets just say that now it is something that involved the police, but wasn't her fault. I need a shot of something!!! ;p

2/12 - 10.00 Valentines gift for hubby
2/13 - 5.00 Deals for GS project
- 20.89 Pizza Street

5 Responses to “My oldest will drive me to drink!! ;-p”

  1. mjrube94 Says:

    I had one last week where 3 kids says she did something and she swears she didn't. Why didn't anyone tell me parenting would be so tough?

  2. homebody Says:

    Shot of whiskey?? They do grow up!

  3. girltherapy Says:

    Been there, done that. There really is light at the end of the tunnel, but the shot makes it all fuzzy and warmly glowing, it helps!

  4. whitestripe Says:

    awww. you poor thing. teenagers are tough to deal with.

    my parents are now going through that with my little sister. i can't say i was an angel... but i wasn't stupid enough to get caught at *everything* like my little sis does. Big Grin not that that's a good thing; it just meant they had less to deal with. and it seems like they just are growing up so fast too. half the things my little sis is getting into trouble for are things i never did till a few years later! sheesh.

  5. Ima saver Says:

    You do need a drink!

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